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PO Definition (पीओ की परिभाषा) – PO full form is Probationary Officer. Bank PO is the Officer Post of Probationary Officer In Banks. It is the starting level appointment of the bank officer. Most of the students ask this questions many times that what is PO in banking sector? Every bank recruit PO who manage all the activities under their criteria. It is also most attractive job under youngster in these days because it contains nice salary scale.  

Candidates will be recruit as a “PO” after clearing Probationary Officer exam and kept for a probation period of at least 02 years. Department will increase your post standard as Assistant Manager and Manager in few years according to your performance in all over activities in the branch.

About PO – Let us understand the meaning of PO via an example.
Mr. X has recently completed his B. Tech from a well-recognized university and now he has passed his interview for the post of system engineer in one of the IT Company. When he visited there for the first time as a fresher, he knows nothing about how to deal with the company’s project. Although, he had scored very well in his academics and college but college projects and company’s project make a huge difference, isn’t it?.

Mr.X was allotted his mentor whose job was to train Mr.X on projects and help him on new and tough things. For learning things and getting habitual with the company’s working aura, at least he was given 6 months.
After 6 months Mr.X found himself very confident and easy in dealing with the projects of the company at his own level.He was given targets and standards which he dealt very efficiently and effectively with.

The role of PO also mimics like the above example. Basically, the PO is a SCALE FIRST officer who is to be under probation period least 2 years(in some banks it is only for 1 year). This means that he/she has to undergo training and perform the allotted work to them so that to become proficient in their job profile. So, now you could imagine the basic understanding about

You can also check probationary officer meaning in all languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, etc.  तैयारी हिंदी में.

Duration of Probation Period

Once the probation period is over you will appoint as an Assistant Manager OR Manager. Now you get your permanent work after satisfied with verification report by local police department. Later on, you can apply for the internal promotion exams for higher level posts in the bank.IBPS PO Participating banks scheduled probation period of two years generally. In which selected candidate understand the practical way and structure of the bank. The probation period divided into various phases according to the bank. In this probation duration, you will handle different types of banking works such as Customer service, Account related queries, clearing, cash handling, loans, internet banking, etc.

What is the work of Probationary Officer – “Job profile of PO in a bank” is a multitasking nature during first two years. As a PO, you have to work in various departments. It will be Deposits, Loans & Advances, Clearing, Pensions, Payment and Cheque clearances, Fixed Deposit, ATM and Internet Banking, Credit Card, Report Making, Account related queries like closure, statement, ATM Issues, etc.

Responsibilities of Bank PO – Roles and Duties

All work allotted to you according to the bank policies it may differ for all banks. You will post in any of branch of the bank and department also gives the best training to polish you. Here are some of the primary duties of PO on the bank check it out.

  1. Customer service – First work of IBPS PO job profile Which is a top most work of any of officer in the bank. Probationary Officer main work is handled customer and try to provide them with a solution for their queries. It will be related to any of banking service like account statement, required of any of another document such as forms and issuing cheque books. Open new accounts, handle any other bank product, cash deposit, and withdrawal, etc. Bank PO will manage these types of many works on a daily basis.
  2. Account Related – Most of the banks assigned newly recruit Probationary officers to handle bank account related queries of their customers.
    It will be various types such as Account Opening, Closure of dead accounts, print account statement when needed, issuing Cheque books to the client, arrange depositing slips, bank passbook entry and many of others account awareness provides to new customers like account features, benefits, etc. this is second work of ibps po job profile.
  3. Cash handling – Basically this step is applicable for Bank clerk but due to many conditions such as overburden of works, PO will be the second major post for handle cash transactions. During heavy footfall in branch probationary officers also manage all types depositing and withdrawal cash. For this purpose, you should be trained with transaction software of bank. Many times as per schedule you will also assign to handle cash in ATMs to the selected locations. It is a temporary work in ibps po job profile.
  4. Payment Clearance – This is also PO responsibility in the bank after clerk to manage all clearance system of payments for Inward clearing and outward clearing. Cheque clearing by fetching actual data of client also done by PO as per requirement. You can also assign to process all types of transactions like Demand Draft (DD), Cheques, NEFT, RTGS and other payment methods.
  5. Loan Processing – In starting of Probationary officer probation period most of the time bank assigned all new freshers to their loan and Insurance department to selling their products. Department will train you for these products that how to sell and what to sell and how to convince customer and giving complete knowledge about the product.
  6. Generate New Business – Bringing business to bank it is another feature of IBPS Bank PO Job Profile where you will have to manage various activities like promoting banking products, New Account opening, selling Insurance, loans, etc. this feature purely depends on bank policies. Some of the public sector banks do not have marketing and sales executive to perform this job in that case you will have to enhance the business of the bank.
  7. ATM Related Queries – In some of the banks you will be assigned for ATM based queries example ATM Lost how to block ATM card online, New ATM request, ATM pin no. not received, the machine did not dispatch cash but deducted from the account, and you handle many of similar issues.
  8. Reporting and Verification – Other daily reporting works of transactions and account related also assigned to the bank PO. And manually verify each transaction and records of accounts on a daily basis if required. Hope now you understand complete PO Job description in the bank

Most of the students searching answer of this questions that What is the salary and allowances of Bank PO? And many types of related issues like what is IBPS PO salary structure, pay after revision, salary in hand, etc.

Basic Salary of Probationary Officer (PO)

Here we provide you with a table include basic pay, Daily Allowance(DA), (House Rent Allowance) HRA, CCA (City Compensatory Allowance), etc. for complete information about salary which answers your all of these questions.

IBPS PO Salary Structure 2017 – 2018

Criteria Metro Cities State Capital District Level and Rural
Basic Pay 23700.00 23700.00 23700.00
Special Allowance 1836.75 1836.75 1836.75
DA 10163.63 10163.63 10163.63
CCA 870  600 – 
Transport Allowance –  – 
Total (without HRA) 36570.38 36300.38 35700.38
HRA  2133.00 1896.00 1659.00
Gross with HRA 38703.38 38196.38 37359.38

IBPS Bank PO Career Prospects and Promotions

Here are humble opportunities for Bank PO career growth. A bank PO can reach at the post of “Chairman” in future according to performance and nature. Here are many examples of various public sector banks. IBPS PO career is fastest growing path comparatively to other govt jobs. It will take the fast promotion, rewards, recognition and attractive postings for performers.

So if you are preparing for IBPS Probationary Officers Exam, there is no limit in the banks as far as career progression is concerned. Bank PO job is one of the top most rewarding jobs in the Banking Industry. And At promotion side according to recent data, you will need an entry in middle management officers in just 2 -3 years and 7 – 8 years for senior management officers. SO career as a Bank Probationary officer is not a bad deal.

Now I think you better understand the Bank PO Job Profile OR What is PO in Bank exam?. If you have any questions related to PO Exam you can use our comment section given below. Let’s focus on next level.

Eligibility for PO in Bank –Who can apply for IBPS PO?
After reading about IBPS PO Job Profile now, this is also a very trending question from students that How to become a Probationary Officer in the bank? And who are eligible? Check complete details on it.

  • Candidates must have Indian Citizenship.
  • Candidates must have age between 20 to 30 years.
  • Candidates must have a Graduation degree.
  • Must have Computer knowledge (required by some banks) check complete details on IBPS PO Eligibility Criteria here.

IBPS PO Exam structure divided into three phrases. First, you should face Prelims then Mains and after that an interview. The Question paper pattern of PO Exam is objective type with negative marking process.

Hope you better understand Probationary Officer meaning and IBPS PO Job profile now. You can also check this IBPS PO Job profile in Hindi. 

If I missed any part here in “What is the Job Profile of IBPS PO in the bank” you can suggest me here. And for any related queries, you can use our comment section below or email us at info@ibpsrecruitment.in. Check other related articles on IBPS Exam here.

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